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Success in ISSB
ISSB success details

Candidates for commission in Armed Forces (ISSB) or Civil Services (CSS, PCS, etc.) are offered

an orientation and assessment program.

This service includes introduction and sessions for:

• Intelligence/Screening Tests
• Personality/Psychological Tests
• Interview


Personality Test

At Psych Testing Service (PTS) we specialize in comprehensive

psychological assessment of individuals facing developmental, educational, transitional or emotional challenges.
Job Interview

Succeed in your job interview (for CSS, PCS, ISSB, Private Company, etc).

Your answer to an interview question has two main parts:
1. What do you say?
2. How do you say?
Part 2 is the soul of a job interview.

Learn the art of saying your answers convincingly and effectively.

Rules for Success

• Know background of the Employer / Company
• Wear formal dress
• Show keen interest
• Be confident
• Keep your answers short
• Talk slowly and clearly
• Don't fake or make wild guesses

Go ahead and take your interview. We wish you all the very best

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